Founded in 1988 by Mike Dahan, Channel Islands Scuba is the oldest SCUBA facility in Ventura County. Since our inception, we have strived to provide exceptional service and only the best products to a clientele that rightfully expects this level of unmatched quality. At Channel Islands Scuba, we are a team of professionals that will answer your questions, provide advice tailored to your individual needs, and offer the latest advances in scuba technology. Our classes are smaller and more intimate, allowing us to offer lessons that will meet your needs and result in you becoming a competent and safe diver. There is more to scuba diving than just signing up – it takes knowledge and a desire for adventure. At Channel Islands Scuba, we believe that diving is a lifestyle that offers many years of enjoyment and endless opportunities for the entire family. So, come on in and check out all that we have to offer!

scuba shop floorWe live in an age of chain super stores and the internet, which is great if you are looking for a tennis racquet or sleeping bag. Looking for a good “deal” is what most of us try to do when shopping for something new. I always tell my clients to save money on their vacation, their hotel, their flight – but certainly not on your LIFE SUPPORT equipment. This is why I recommend divers buy quality products for their safety – like ScubaPro and Atomic – who offer lifetime warranties. Going to a specialist when your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are on the line just makes sense. We do not pretend to know anything about fishing gear or skis, and you won’t find the shoe salesman behind our counter, all of the staff at Channel Islands Scuba are accomplished scuba divers with more than 85 years of combined experience – this is what we do! We use the gear we sell and we service it on site too. For example, we feel that it is important to assemble and test each regulator we sell to our clients because we don’t want to take a chance that their new purchase ‘should work’ out of the box. Instead, we make sure it will work. In addition to testing, we also offer yearly service and check-ups, all of which are completed in a timely fashion in our state-of-the-art facility. Our customers prefer the two week turnaround (standard at C.I.S.) compared to a 3-4 week turnaround from a store with a centralized service center. 

scuba shop floor“I’ve always wanted to try Scuba Diving, but have never had the time.”  How many times have you heard someone say this about learning to scuba dive? We hear it everyday and hundreds of times each year. But that excuse is no longer valid, Channel Islands Scuba has made every effort to offer scuba classes that can fit into anyone’s schedule. If you have always wanted to swim over a coral reef, float through a kelp forest with sea lions, or bring home a lobster dinner, now you can! Just like thousands of others who have taken the plunge, now you can join in the excitement, adventure and incredible sea life scuba diving has to offer. Getting started is simple and you can do it today, just stop by Channel Islands Scuba – we strive to fit our courses into your lifestyle and learning requirements. If you want to realize your dream, the first step is to take an SSI Open Water Diver course. Within a few days, you can be enjoying the underwater world. We look forward to providing excellent service to you and all your diving needs.